10 Iconic Anime PS4 Pro Skins & Covers In Style in 2020

It has been quite a while since the day the animation technique was introduced to the whole world. However, during that timeframe, the place where it first exploded in popularity, the Westen World, refuse to consider it as a serious form of art. As a result, after decades of denials, the animation genre was then considered as cartoons, something that only the kids watch. Nonetheless, during that gap, the Eastern World, or to be more particular, Japan, has embraced this new technology and create the term anime. After a long and prosperous time of development, nowadays anime is among the most popular form of entertainment around the globe. Thus, as a result, it has created quite a great following for itself.

Due to the fact that anime is a fairly recent discovery, there is no way to deny that the largest proportion of its supporters consists of young adults and youths. Thus, it is only natural that a huge chunk of anime fans are also video gamers. Add into this the fact that the PS4 has become the single most popular gaming device around the world, and we see the need of anime-inspired skins for PS4. This is the reason that I am presenting to you all this list of 10 Iconic Anime PS4 Pro Skins & Covers In Style in 2020.


1. Dope One Piece Characters PS4 Pro Skin

To start things off, I would like to introduce you to this One Piece Anime Luffy Nami Zoro Robin Dope PS4 Pro Skin. As you can see, it is clearly inspired by the incredibly popular One Piece anime. The skin is strictly made for the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) PRO. Thus, you can expect the greatest quality out of it. The combo has one console skin alongside two controller skins.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


2. Konosuba Lovely Megumin & Komekko PS4 Pro Skin

In the second place is this Lovely Anime Japanese Witch Girls Awesome Dope PS4 Pro Skin. As can be seen, the skin features Megumin from Konosuba, a show well-known for its comedic nature. The skin is made from German PVC, so you can actually expect it to be quite durable. In fact, it will not scratch or peel and it is also completely UV resistant.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


3. Vocaloid Sexy Hatsune Miku Motorbike Model PS4 Pro Skin

As we all know, there is no other artificial singer as popular as Hatsune Miku. In fact, she is the one that started this genre. Thus, it is only natural that she has the most fans. And for those dedicated fans, here is the Hatsune Miku Motorbike Model Sexy Style Design PS4 Pro Skin. Made from the highest quality of material, you can expect this product to have the best of durability.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


4. Vocaloid Cute Hatsune Miku Virtual Idol PS4 Pro Skin

Due to the immense popularity that Hatsune Miku possesses, I figure that she will have quite a diversity of fans. Thus, I believe that only one product inspired by her will not suffice. That is why I bring to you this Hatsune Miku Amazing Cute Virtual Idol Style PS4 Pro Skin. As you can see, while it still features the virtual singer, the skin illustrates her in a completely different style.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


5. Black Rock Shooter Mato Kuroi PS4 Pro Skin

Made from the German PVC material, you can be absolutely sure that this Black Rock Shooter Mato Kuroi Vibrant Design PS4 Pro Skin will be as durable as PS4 skins can possibly be. In addition to its durability, the skin is also cut by the precision-cut tech, so you will have easy access to connectors, controls, and buttons. Of course, due to the material, it is also UV resistant, peel resistant, and scratch-resistant.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


6. Powerful Adult Boruto PS4 Pro Skin

There is no way that a list of the anime-inspired product does not have something related to Naruto. It just does not feel right. That is why I present to you this Naruto Anime Adult Boruto Powerful Vibrant PS4 Pro Skin. As you can see, it took the liberty to imagine what Boruto, Naruto’s son, may look like when he hits adulthood. Made from German PVC, you can be confident in the skin’s durability.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


7. Vocaloid Beautiful Hatsune Miku PS4 Pro Skin

Featuring the widely popular virtual singer, Hatsune Miku, in a mysterious color scheme, this Hatsune Miku Beautiful and Cute Character Dope PS4 Pro Skin will capture your attention with just one look. In addition to its artistic values, the skin is also quite a great product due to it being made from high-quality materials with the precision-cut tech. Thus, it offers both durability and easy access to buttons.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


8. Vocaloid Charming Hatsune Miku PS4 Pro Skin

Another product that is related to the Japanese virtual singer Hatsune Miku, what sets this Hatsune Miku Charming Lovely Japanese Character PS4 Pro Skin apart from the others is the fact that it has a color scheme that interestingly captures her innocence. This is due to the fact that it is printed in full color. Additionally, it has anti-slip grip tech, so you will not have to worry about it being dropped.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


9. Vocaloid Kawaii Singer Hatsune Miku PS4 Pro Skin

While the other PS4 Pro skins on this list either feature Hatsune Miku in her innocent form or in her mysterious side, this Hatsune Miku Beautiful Kawaii Anime Singer PS4 Pro Skin features her in quite a sexy way. This makes it stands out in the competition. But it is also quite a great product on its own due to its peel, fade, and scratch-resistant nature. In addition, it was also made with the precision-cut tech, so you will not waste any time accessing the buttons.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


10. Vocaloid Japanese Singer Hatsune Miku PS4 Pro Skin

Making purely for the PS4 Pro, this Hatsune Miku Japanese Singer Anime Character PS4 Pro Skin is created with the utmost care. This care can be observed through its quality as the skin is completely resistant against scratching, fading, and even peeling. In addition, it is also made from German PVC, so the durability is quite great. Another great characteristic of this skin is the fact that it is easy to install and completely removable.

$19.99 USD Buy Here


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