10 Reasons of Anime Worldwide Craze by Teenagers in 2020


Anime, which literally means animation in Japanese, is a term commonly used by the whole world to describe any type of animation that originated from or associated with Japan. The genre kicked up a storm and captivated the hearts of many people around the globe, especially teenagers. Those who are fans of anime shows can all agree that the number of adolescent anime fans far eclipses the number of fans from other age groups.


Have you ever wondered why things are like this? Have you ever thought to yourself: “What is it that makes teenagers like anime characters so much?” If so, you have come to the right place, as we have already gone through the excruciating research process to put together a list of 10 Reasons of Anime Worldwide Craze by Teenagers in 2020.


1. There Are Lots Of Mature And Thoughtful Messages Behind Each Character

Teenagers are right in between adults and kids, an awkward position to be in. Their minds are not quite fully developed yet, but that doesn’t mean their thought patterns are like kids. They are at the age where they question everything and try to find explanations. That is the reason anime characters managed to pull their interests. An anime, no matter if it is a show for kids or adults, usually centers its main characters on a certain mature theme like death, mortality, acceptance, war or even nature itself.


2. Strong Female Characters

There is a consensus that anime is usually full of fan service. While this opinion may carry some truth to it, most anime shows contradict it in the most spectacular way. Women are, more often than not, portrayed as badass anime characters. They can go toe-to-toe with any male characters, even beating the strongest of them in some cases. The number of female anime characters that can kick asses and look fabulous doing it is simply immeasurable and that is just what teenagers like.


3. Mass Appeal

“There is always something for everyone”, this statement cannot ring any truer for anime shows. The quintessential element that anime has is its use of magical realism and Japanese animation style, and then it also retains the same elements that many live-action shows hold like comedy, drama, action, noir, etc.

We all know how different teenagers can be from each other, and how they all want something that can fit with them. So, when they get to know this magical genre with infinite anime characters that differ from one another, each and every single one of them can find someone that they like.


4. The Characters Are Relatable

The fact that anime shows are animated cannot make them any less real. Like for example, the top-rated anime Grave of the Fireflies, a tale of determination, courage and strength in times of adversity, anyone who watches this tale can relate to it. Especially teenagers, as they are at the age where they find out that the world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. When they watch the main character’s struggles, they can see their own. Moving away from where you grow up, being discriminated, learning to do what is right, these are all the struggles a teenager may face in their road to adulthood, so they will obviously love the shows.


5. Action Scene

A good anime character must have at least one great action scene. This has been the main consensus in the anime fandom for a long time. In addition, thanks to the animation style, all of the anime character's action scenes look quite epic, which always manages to draw teenagers’ attention.


6. Endless Possibilities For Each And Every Character

Anime characters can come from anywhere and have any kind of backstory, literally. Some of them can come from space, others have reality-bending powers, another bunch even came from a different universe. There is no limit for an anime character, and that is one of the reasons why teenagers love them so much, as they represent the endless possibilities that exist inside each and every teenager in this world.


7. Anime Characters’ Uniqueness

As the point above mentioned, anime characters can originate from anywhere, at any time. So, anime host a quite vast array of characters with a different personality, powers, origins, and looks. They may be omnipotent beings, detectives, ninjas, demons, space cowboys, aliens, etc. None of them is similar to another, so teenagers can choose their own favorite. All the popular anime shows have their own mascot or most known character that differs from others in different shows. Like “Pokemon” has the arguably most loved anime character of all time: Pikachu with its most known feature: the ability to discharge strong electricity.


8. They Are Entertaining

Put it simply, anime is just like any other form of motion picture entertainment. There is no major secret ingredient, at the end of the day, it is a story created to amuse other people. If there is no medium, it simply wouldn’t exist. So are its characters, each and every single one of them is unique. Consequently, they can entertain the watchers by the simple contrast in their personalities.

This fact can pull almost any one’s interest and teenagers are no exception. An example is the two brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward is the big brother but he is short-tempered, obnoxious and unpleasant, making a stark contrast with his little brother, which always bring forth hilarious scenes. How can a teenager not love this?


9. They Sing The Soundtracks

We all know that “Pokemon” song, we all can sing it word-for-word. Sometimes the soundtrack of an anime is simply just so catchy you can’t get it out your head. Most of those soundtracks are usually sung by the main characters’ voice actors, giving us another reason to love them, especially teenagers.


10. Emotional Connection

Due to anime’s serious nature, we fans can see the character development clearly. We feel like we are watching their every step. It’s like we are there for them during their most weakened time. We can see them grow slowly, from someone who we can’t like to someone who we love. This kind of feeling always manages to make fans feel attached to the characters, and it works best with teenagers thanks to their sensitive minds.


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