10 Reasons Why Watching Anime Is Good For You as of 2020

On the day the first-ever commercial animation that is purely Japanese made its debut sometime in 1917, the world was introduced to something that will one day took over it just like a hurricane. However, our predecessors are still clueless about it. After all, it was not until the 1960s debut of Osamu Tezuka’s works that the anime art style which we all have become so accustomed to spread out. In the later decades of the twentieth century, anime as its own genre began to show its domination on the international scale. It was during those days that it built for itself a humongous audience, both in Japan and all over the whole world. The genre was then again divided into numerous subgenres targeting niches.

As a result, anime as an art form is now quite diverse having production techniques and methods which have continuously been improved over the course of time to fit in with emergent techs. The art styles being used are without a doubt diverse with features and proportions of the characters have become really varied. Consequently, nowadays there are quite a lot of anime studios with all the major ones having their own uniquely crafted styles. Thus, it is not an overstatement that all the anime fans are not at all similar. However, there is still one thing that we can be sure to be the common link, which is all of them being optimistic about life. That is why I bring to you this list of the 10 Reasons Why Watching Anime Is Good For You as of 2020.


1. Almost all the anime shows have messages that are thought-provoking

There is a belief that has been in existence for a long time about anime being made entirely for kids. The basis of this belief is simply because of them being made through animations. Thus, this kind of notion is simply untrue. After all, while there certainly are numerous anime movies or shows that aim primarily to kids, the number of shows not targeting this demographic is still actually quite prominent. However, that does not mean that the kid shows do not have anything meaningful hidden behind those cute animations. In fact, almost all of the anime shows that have been made do have some certain thought-provoking themes that they will make the core center of their plots.

The core center of the anime can be anything that can make you think deeply. It can be nature, war, morality, acceptance, or even death itself. The only requirement is that it must make the viewer in a state of pensiveness. Let us take an example, the critically acclaimed Graves of the Fireflies. This anime is about two young siblings, a young boy and his little sister trying to live through the final moments of the incredibly dangerous World War 2. The anime is no unicorns and rainbows as it is one of the truest illustrating of the horrors attached to war. The two main characters lost their mother to an aerial attack on their home country. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you prepare a box of tissue before you do so.


2. The anime shows are all relatable

There is a reason behind me saying this. People often have the misguided belief of animations being shallow and not relatable enough. To them, the characters inside the animation story cannot be understood as they are not like us, real people. For me personally, I consider that kind of opinion to be quite wrong. There is no law that states animations as not realistic because they really are. There is no one in this world that can deny the level of care and effort that were put into the process of making the anime shows in Japan. Thus, it is really unreasonable to say that they are not realistic. After all, there have been so many anime shows that have shown that they are as deep as it can be.

Let us take another look at the Grave of the Fireflies. This anime is the prime example of the anime genre being realistic. Even though this anime is completely made through animations, there is no denying that it does indeed have one of the most touching as well as a real story in the history of filmmaking. Anyone who watches this tale of strength, courage, and determination through all the adversities will be able to relate to the story. Doing the morally right thing, discrimination, moving away, and even losing someone in your family are quite common occurrences. Those themes are all underlined commonly throughout all kinds of anime shows. The use of elements that belongs to fantasies only helps in the enhancing process.


3. There will always be something in here for everyone.

Anime has become diversified after its rise to popularity. As of now, the genre is divided into many target demographics like for kids, girls, boys, or adults. In addition, these subgenres are then again divided into a range of other genres targeting different niches. For example, shounen and shoujo anime show often have elements that can attract both sexes to gain an appeal that can cross over. Furthermore, adult shows may have higher complexity of the plot or a slower pace that is not attractive to the younger audiences. Of course, there are also situations and themes that are only showable to adults. Thus, there truly is everything in it for everyone. Thus, any and everyone can find their own favorite anime shows.

As a result, the anime fandom has indeed grown into a humongous community. Thus, with that growth, so many new people have found out about this strange but alluring world of anime. So, the number of fans has been continuously increasing. Consequently, that increase of the fandom number coupled with their varied tests means that if studios do not have anything to set them apart, then they will lose popularity and dried out. Thus, anime has acquired quite a diverse range of art styles. There is no one style that can dominate the entire scene. For the viewers, this is quite a great thing as there would be many different shows for many different tastes.


4. The strong females

There is an unfortunate prejudgment about anime that instantly links to fan service whenever we say, female. I pity those guys as they have never truly learned the awesomeness that is the anime female characters. While it is indeed true that some anime shows do have female characters that are specifically created as some kinds of fan service, there are far more anime female characters that contradict the belief in all sorts of awesome ways. Gone are the time women always being portrayed as some kinds of damsels in distress. Nowadays, we see far more of the femme fatale than those kinds of useless male fantasies. Thankfully, this is due to the fact of anime being realistic and relatable, so it changed its way to fit with the new modern era females.

In recent years, more and more female characters have been projected in the same badass level just like any male character who has graced the screen. These characters can fight on even grounds with all sorts of male characters. In some cases, they can even beat them or they can even be the strongest ones in the whole story. This is applicable as the women in our real world are also capable of doing those things. There is no shortage of women who can
both kick-ass and also look fabulous while doing so. They are all empowering figures that should be modeled after by the guys running things in Hollywood.


5. Action

Really, there is nothing else that can be as important as actions for anime shows. After all, this is the one thing that has brought the term to its current level of international popularity. Due to the animation not being restricted by real-life physics, there is nothing that can limit the creators other than their own imaginations. As it is the one thing making anime popular, the anime creators are all quite familiar with the way of action making. They can weave the anime show’s plot so smoothly with the action sequences that the plot can justify any kind of action they want. After all, fighting anime is still unarguably the single most popular subgenre of all the genres in anime.

Anything that a person can imagine is present in the anime genres. There are only things that you didn’t imagine to be possible. The action scenes are always enough to keep us hooked and interested throughout the anime. However, one downside of this is the fact that the scenes transition too fast, so we must try to follow. Thus, we developed an ability to quickly analyze the situation and grasp the most important thing. That is why due to the action anime, we can become more observant and calm in our daily lives.


6. The friendship lessons

Out of the many deep concepts that anime shows have been exploring ever since the day the “anime” term first appeared, there is nothing more explored than the friendship concept. This concept has been present in almost all the anime shows as an undertone. After all, it is also one of the most important things that we as real people must think of every single day. Thus, the creators of many anime shows have put out some of the deepest and longest-lasting friendships that I have ever seen. A lot of those shows do not place importance on the number of friends one has, but more on how one dependable friend is worth a lot more.

As a result, us nerds have always been reminded daily about the importance of making friends, and we know exactly the right way to do so. Thus, with the emphasis of the anime shows that we have watched on the quality of friends, we will make only the best of friends. In addition, thanks to the lessons we learn from the anime shows like Naruto, One Piece, etc. we know that we must always be there to help our friends in times of distresses and appreciate any good friends that can do something like that to us.


7. We often learn new things

As I have stated above, anime shows all have some kind of mature undertones. Thus, we can learn a lot from them as a result. For example, with the ones talking about death, we learn that just fearing it will not actually stretch your life in any way. We can also learn that the best way is to welcome each new day with new motivation and a sense of optimism, as each day is another day we draw closer to death, so we should live it to the fullest. In addition, we can learn from the ones with war and hunger that there is nothing scarier than the horrors that wars bred. Thus, we know how valuable peace is.

However, that is still not the extent of what we can learn from the anime shows. As they are all derived from the situation that the Japanese people will usually encounter, we can learn more about the culture of Japan with each new show. Thus, for the rest of the world, anime shows can be actually quite educational. You can indeed learn tidbits of the way the Japanese people react to situations and be mindful of them if you do indeed meet one. In addition, there is also the possibility of learning Japanese through anime shows. After all, with the English subtitled ones, you can both hear what the character says in Japanese and see what it means in English.


8. We can exercise our imagination

The first thing that you need to have to actually see the attractive points of anime is no doubt imagination. After all, there are numerous shows that have concepts so crazy I do not think that you can realistically view. For example, there are alternate dimensions, crazy robots, etc. To be more particular, one of the most popular anime shows of all time is no doubt Naruto Shippuden. This anime is about a ninja teen who is light-hearted and a vessel of one of the most powerful beasts, which happened to be a giant nine tail fox, in existence. He can also draw out the fox’s energy to power up himself.

Another popular anime show is Shingeki no Kyojin, or as we all know it, Attack on Titan. This anime is about people trying to survive the Titans, giant cannibalistic creatures that attack the towns and eat all the people they can find. You know, the usual stuff. As a result, we anime otakus are quite familiar with jumping into some fictionalized shows and utilize our imaginations a lot more than an average person. Thus, we became quite a lot more open-minded and creative as a result. As we all know, being creative as well as open-minded is one of the most important qualities of our current society. Thus, it is not wrong to say that anime lovers will be able to fit in easier.


9. There is always some cure for any kind of bad day

I do believe that no one is perfect. As a consequence, any person, no matter how happy they appear to be, will undoubtedly have one or more days in their life when everything is just wrong. No one can escape this situation and we all will have to think of something to kill times when we try to avoid other people. It is that day that the anime shows that we have not had the time to finish shine. After all, watching anime will not require you to interact with anyone. In addition, doing so will lessen your stress. This is because of the comedic nature of anime shows. Most of the anime shows have comedy in them, no matter how grim the plot really is.

Furthermore, due to the diverse nature of anime as a genre, there will be something that fits your taste at that particular time. You may be in the mood for some sci-fi coupled with a magical component, you can watch A Certain Magical Index. Just like that, there are so many things to watch for whatever mood you are in at that moment. It is easy to find something to liven up the bad mood or to inspire you with optimism for another day. You should never underestimate this kind of optimism. After all, there have been quite a lot of people deciding against committing suicide just because of a little optimism that a stranger gave them. Thus, I am sure that anime shows have saved numerous people from depression.


10. We are aware of the bad side of humanity

Anime shows are usually brutally honest. After all, they aim for a level of realness that no one has achieved. Yes, there are comedies and romances in there, but you would be so wrong to believe that things would be all unicorns and rainbows. As I have stated, anime shows usually have some form of mature undertones. Thus, it is only natural that the more adult ones will be using more damaging concepts. For example, Elfen Lied is a popular anime that deals with some heavy themes like violence, child abuse, and even rape. Another example, Black Lagoon paints quite a real picture of how the Earth’s grittiest places can be, albeit a little exaggerated.

That’s not all there is, as they're still are anime shows that are about society’s corruption, or the dangers of someone having too much power with wrong intentions. I do know that they are really hard to swallow. However, these are still real and dark lessons that have been sprinkled on all the events in the history of this world. Thus, we cannot fault the anime industry about giving us knowledge. Nonetheless, it is thanks to the knowledge these anime shows that we are aware of the truth. Thus, we know that not all people are good and no matter how we try, the world will still have trashes. So, we just need to focus on the good people. 


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