Top 5 Pokémon Go T-Shirts For Fans To Show Off in 2020

Anime lovers have always understood the appeal of Pokémon. But with the meteoric rise of Pokémon Go, a fever is sweeping the globe all over again. Now, long-time diehards and newbie fans alike have one thing in common: an intense love for Pokémon. However, you might not be comfortable sharing this space with newbies, and you’re looking for a new way to stand out. If so, the Just Anime Things cool Pokémon T-Shirts might be the competitive edge you need to express your loyal fandom. Here are the Top 5 Pokémon Go T-Shirts For Fans To Show Off in 2020.

1. Pokemon Cute Zenigame Squirtle Surf Blue Summer T-Shirt


Our shirts give longtime fans an opportunity to show off their extensive knowledge of the characters while also exhibiting some killer style.

What’s Special About These Tees? 

When we say these shirts are one of a kind, we mean it. Our sublimation technique is innovative and specific to our apparel. Our shirts are printed in 3D and all over. The technique that we use transfers over full designs in rich, lasting color. They’re far beyond the standard screen printed tee. These are wearable pieces of art.

What Kind of Pokémon Tees Are Offered? 

We offer two types of Pokémon tees. There’s one for your everyday casual life. There’s another type to help transform you into a gym warrior for your workouts. 

The print t-shirts are made of cotton and polyester blend. They’re ultra-comfortable shirts that also help accentuate the fine points of your physique. The shirt designs are a mixture of iconic Pokémon scenes and witty phrases. 

For example, the Burn Down For What Charmander Fire Flames 3D Print T-Shirt offers a clever play on the popular hit, “Turn Down For What”, from DJ Snake and rapper Lil Jon. It features Charmander in the midst of a heated situation.

2. Burn Down For What Pokemon Go Charmander Fire Flames 3D Print T-Shirt

If you’re not fixated on just one character, the Gotta Catch ‘Em All Cute Pokémon Go Anime Characters 3D T-Shirt is ideal for you. The cute anime tee features every possible Pokémon that’s being hunted in the wildly popular mobile game. Not only is this a stylish way to show love for the game. You’ll literally be the only person around who’s caught every single one.

3. Gotta Catch 'Em All Cute Pokemon Go Anime Characters 3D T-Shirt

And last but not least, you can hit the gym covered in your favorite characters. Our Compression 3D Shirts are made completely of polyester spandex. They’re perfect for your workout because the pressure on your muscle fibers helps reduce soreness and pain after you’re done. Plus, they bring a bit of fun into your lifting session. You can sweat it out in style.

4. Pokemon Pikachu Fitness Long Sleeves Workout Gear Compression 3D Shirt

5. Pokemon Meowth Skin Long Sleeves Workout Gear Compression 3D Shirt

How Do I Wear These Tees?

Our t-shirts are bold. So it’s best if you wear them with pants or shorts that are dark or neutral. That last thing you want is a pair of pants that clash. Then people won’t see how incredible your shirt is. They’ll just be distracted. 

Pokémon Go is by far the biggest game to hit our mobile devices in ages. But for dedicated, longtime fans of Pokémon, go one step further and release your inner fanboy/girl with our amazing t-shirts.


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